Collection: Our herbal ointments

Our ointments are made, filled and packaged by hand according to original recipes by pharmacist Anja Heinz. We always use

  • high-quality, natural raw materials
  • herb extracts
  • 100% pure essential oils

All ointments are free from preservatives, mineral oils, artificial perfumes, chemical additives and microplastics.

  • Handmade.

    All of our products are made, filled and packaged by hand by pharmacist Anja Heinz according to her own recipes. And has been for almost 20 years.

  • Natural.

    Schlosskräuter products contain only high-quality and natural raw materials, medicinal plant extracts and 100% pure essential oils.

  • Less is more.

    Our recipes only contain what is really necessary. Of course, these do not contain any preservatives, mineral oils, artificial perfumes or other chemical additives.