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What is special about Schlosskräuter products?

Our products only contain what is really necessary. As a result, we avoid long leaflets and a jumble of letters on the label. In addition, our creations contain only high-quality and natural raw materials, medicinal plant extracts and 100% pure essential oils.

Are the products 100% natural?

Yes. All of our products contain only natural raw materials and are free of preservatives, mineral oils, artificial perfumes or other chemical additives.

Where are our products made?

All our products are 100% Made in Germany and are manufactured and developed in the Bavarian Upper Palatinate according to original recipes by pharmacist Anja Heinz.

Where does the name castle herbs come from?

Our company headquarters is next to the historic "Schloss Fronberg" in Schwandorf in the Upper Palatinate. This castle is an important landmark of our homeland and of great importance to us - in this way we would like to express our appreciation!

How long does my order take?

The processing time for orders is usually one working day, so your order should usually reach you after 3 working days.

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