Der Holunder

The Phenological Seasons - Early Summer

It's holler time, summer is coming!

The blossom of the black elder heralds the beginning of summer. Wherever people are, there is also an elder, because the elder is considered a protective shrub for every house or yard.

The blooming elder

It can also often be seen on the edges of paths and forests, hedges, meadows and clearings. The white, sweet-smelling blossoms can be eaten directly, or fried in a pancake batter as the famous elderberry cakes , or dried and kept as tea for the cold season. Elderflowers, together with linden blossoms or meadowsweet blossoms, make an excellent tea for relieving the symptoms of a cold.

In summer, the syrup also sweetens some cocktails:

  • Place 10-15 umbels of flowers in spring or mineral water overnight (approx. 12 hours).
  • add a sliced ​​lemon and possibly a few mint leaves
  • the next day boil the mixture with 1kg sugar while stirring
  • Fill hot into clean glass bottles
  • shelf life about 6 months

The leaves, bark and roots are not edible, nor are the raw fruits (must be heated beforehand!).

In winter you can recognize the elder by the grey-black warty bark. These elevations are cork warts and are used for gas exchange.

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