Eine Biene landet auf den Blüte der Linde

The Phenological Seasons - Midsummer

Sun, summer, midsummer... Yes, we're right in the middle of it!

The linden trees - indicators of phenological high summer - are already in full bloom!

Who doesn't know that, standing under a blooming linden tree, enjoying the wonderful scent and listening to the humming and humming concert of the numerous bees and bumblebees: The epitome of summer!

Hardly any other tree is as revered as the linden tree, it has always been a tree of people, likes to grow near people, as a village linden tree, dancing linden tree, as a protective tree in the middle of a farm. In forests, on the other hand, they are rarely found or not at all. The veneration is also reflected in the naming of many places or first names in which the word "Linde" occurs, such as Dietlinde, Gerlinde. There are also countless songs, poems and hymns to the linden tree.

A bee lands on the blossom of the small-leaved lime

The summer linden and the winter linden, which can be found more frequently, are native to us.

Here's how you can tell them apart:

Small-leaved linden :
  • 2 - 5 flowers in the cymes, flowering time earlier (June)
  • Whitish hairs on the underside of the leaf in the axils of the leaf veins
  • Larger leaves, very hairy stems
  • Up to 40m high

small-leaf linden :
  • 4 - 5 flowers in the cymes, flowering time later (July)
  • On the underside of the leaf, in the axils of the leaf veins, reddish-brown hairs
  • Leaves smaller, rounded to heart-shaped, glabrous petiole
  • Up to 25 m high

The sweat-inducing effect of linden blossoms is also well known. A tea with linden blossom smells stimulating, activates the body's defenses and, if drunk in good time, helps to ward off many an impending cold. Due to the mucilage they contain, they also have an antitussive effect.

Traditionally, linden blossoms are also used to calm mild stress symptoms and states of restlessness, the essential oils contained probably show an aromatherapeutic effect here.

Having linden blossoms at home is definitely highly recommended!

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