Die Wunder der Wilden Möhre

The wonders of the wild carrot

Today we would like to introduce you to a very special plant that you might discover on your next walk and then see with completely different eyes. It's about the wild carrot (Daucus carota), one of our native medicinal plants with a wide range of possible uses and surprisingly strong effects.

The wild carrot, from which today's carrot is derived, often grows along roadsides and in meadows. She is at her dense white flat! Umbrella, often with a small purple to black dot in the center, and the delicate leaves.

The flower of the wild carrot with its characteristic black dot in the middle When the flowers have faded, the flower umbrella curls up towards the middle, which is also a typical distinguishing feature:

The wild carrot curls up towards the middle when it has withered

The wild carrot contains valuable ingredients:

  • In the roots beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, which protects your skin and strengthens the immune system
  • Throughout the herb flavonoids with diverse, eg anti-inflammatory properties
  • The seeds contain essential oils that are very skin-care and are also said to have skin-rejuvenating effects

The wild carrot can help with flatulence , indigestion and urinary tract infections and relieve menstrual cramps .

Please only use it if you know the plant well, as there are currently many white umbellifers to be found. Confusion could e.g. B. with the poisonous dog parsley (which, however, smells unpleasant) or even the poisonous hemlock (recognizable by its much thicker, spotted stalk).

And people with allergies should watch out for possible reactions.

Our gold rose also contains wild carrot essential oil. This oil, combined with the healing power of calendula, supports skin regeneration and has a skin-soothing effect.

On your next walk, the wild carrot could be your new ally from the garden pharmacy!

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