Grüner Tee mit Teekanne

Why tea should always be covered

Protection of essential oils

When brewing tea, the essential oils contained in the leaves and flowers are released by the hot water. These essential oils contribute significantly to the taste and aroma of the tea. However, if tea is not covered during steeping, these essential oils can quickly evaporate and escape from the tea.

Covering the tea during steeping helps retain the essential oils in the tea by slowing down the volatilization of chemical compounds from the tea. This means that the aroma and taste of the tea remain more intense and last longer.

Even temperature distribution

Another benefit of covering the tea while it is steeping is that it helps maintain an even and constant temperature in the tea kettle or cup. Leaving the tea uncovered while steeping allows the water temperature to cool more quickly, which can cause the tea to steep unevenly. However, if the tea is left covered, the heat stays in the tea kettle and ensures that the tea is steeped evenly and fully.

In summary, covering the tea during steeping can help the tea's aroma and flavor be more intense and longer-lasting by slowing the escape of essential oils and volatile compounds. It can also help maintain an even temperature in the tea kettle, which can result in a more complete and even steeping process.

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